Ben didn’t accidentally end up in this profession. Better said, he grew up in it. Both sets of his grandparents were cutting-edge entrepreneurs. His father, Peter, still remains a highly sought-after marketing and franchising consultant after having spent years in professional sports where he was recognized as a master promoter and corporate partnership genius. His Mom is an award-winning author, a former film critic, a veteran of professional theater, and currently, a writing professor at an acclaimed East Coast University. His brother is the man behind Popular Demand, a streetwear success story, inspired by L.​A.​ and worn throughout the world. Ben credits his family for his 24/7/365 work ethic, his unwillingness to say no to what others would simply consider too challenging and his ability to bring all kinds of people together to ensure the success of any project.
Ben began working in pro sports locker rooms at the age of 14. By 16, he was helping his buddies launch a rock band that signed a major record deal with Elektra records before Ben was out of high school.
In college, besides being a performer himself, Ben was quickly charged with bringing concerts and other acts to his university. His later stint in professional media sales helped him to further develop his sales and marketing acumen and his deep foray into the national music scene as a successful music manager and promoter helped him build his astonishing network of decision-makers and cultural icons.
Ben hasn’t made a name for himself just by thinking outside the box. He’s known for ignoring ‘the box’ all together. He says it best. “It’s all about understanding where the end zone is and figuring out how to get there no matter what it takes.” Because of that, Ben, Times10 and their wide array of clients continue to score touchdowns at a record clip.


C4 SMART Energy



"Being disruptive doesn't scare us,
it defines us."



What inspires you? What are some of your credentials /accomplishments?
Creativity inspires me. Not playing it safe. Always pushing the limits. I’ve had the incredible fortune of owning a creative agency based in Los Angeles for the past 8 years. We’ve done incredible things, like launch Adidas shoes, dangle from helicopters over the Las Vegas strip, and capture digital content for amazing brands.
How did you hear about C4?
Once life slowed down for us all in March, I had the opportunity for the first time in my adult life to really take time for my mental and physical health. I had a buddy recommend the C4 Smart Energy drink and immediately loved the effects. I felt like it gave me a mental sharpness that really helped me stay on track.
What are you working on right now? How do you stay motivated during tough times?
I’ve spent the last 6 months really adjusting priorities, as I think we all have! Just trying to stay sharp and as flexible as possible. I’ve recently launched 2 different ecommerce businesses that are keeping me busy! As well as adjusting to what the agency life looks like! The key to staying motivated is to make sure you are taking care of yourself. Find pastimes and hobbies that feed that ​other​ part of your life.
What are some of your personal goals and fitness goals? Anything big on the horizon?
I've been an avid golfer for years, but I recently got into tennis because it's a challenge I’ve been putting off and finally decided to take the leap! I’ve played 4 times this week and I am very happy (and very sore!).


What’s your favorite food?

Favorite sport to watch?
Golf & Basketball
Leg day or arm day?

Cardio or weights?

Morning person or night owl?
Outdoor or indoor workout?
Traveler or homebody?

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