Use Muscle Memory to Build Your Workout Plan

By Team Cellucor

Remember the days when you walked around with a six pack? And no, we don't mean bottles of beer. It's never too late to make a comeback. If you've taken some time away from your workouts, don't be discouraged. With a well thought-out approach, you can get back into shape. Lucky for you, there's a phenomenon called muscle memory where your muscles ‘remember’ the good old days when you were in better shape. Now that you know you’re ahead of the game, take advantage and win the body you rightly deserve with the following tips and techniques.


Choose the Right Exercises

The first thing to focus on is exercise selection, which involves using moves with a high neuromuscular activation. In this phase, it’s critical that you use a variety of movements such as squats, bench presses, military presses, chins, curls, and deadlifts.

Moderate Your Cardio

Contrary to popular belief, more is always not better. When it comes to muscle growth, you want to do enough to stay in a fat burning zone (aerobic state) and not the anaerobic state (muscle burning zone). A good gauge would be at 65% of your maximum heart rate. If you go above that, you risk burning muscle instead of fat.

Nail Your Nutrition

Your body has two ways of using and storing energy. One is based on a glucose metabolism, which uses carbohydrates as an energy source. A diet based on that would be low in fat and high in carbs. The second metabolism is a fat metabolism, which uses fats as the main energy source. Try both approaches for 4 weeks a piece to find which one works best for you.

The Workout

Workouts are done three days a week in circuits so you hit each body area three times.
Perform each circuit three times, resting 60 seconds after each completion before you move onto the next circuit. Do 8-12 reps on each exercise.



Seated calf raise
Bench dips
Leg press
Push up
Leverage chest press


Standing biceps cable curl
Seated dumbbell curl
Good mornings
Side lateral raises
Seated dumbbell press


Leg extension
Lying leg curl
One-legged cable kickback
Lat pull down
Seated cable row
Bicycle crunches



Triceps dumbbell kick back
Standing dumbbell triceps extension
Front dumbbell raises
Upright barbell row
Seated cable row
Straight-arm pulldown


Dumbbell lunge
Leg extension
One-arm dumbbell row
Seated one-arm cable pulley row
Standing dumbbell curl
Close grip EZ bar curl


Incline dumbbell press
Incline flyes
Straight-arm pulldown
Lat pull down (under hand)
Pec deck
Cable cross over
Exercise ball crunch



Seated cable rows
Straight arm dumbbell pull over
Upright barbell row
Smith machine shrug
Leg extension
Dumbbell squat


Standing triceps pushdown
Seated dumbbell press
Smith machine overhead shoulder press
Lying leg curls
Romanian deadlift


Standing biceps cable curl
Barbell curl
Dumbbell lunge
Leg extensions
Smith machine incline bench press
Hanging leg raises

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