Myth Busters: Carbs, Crunches, Cardio and More

By Bobby Holland Hanton

Have you ever considered that the fitness advice you receive isn't actually helping you at all? There may be some generally well-known fitness practices that are holding you back from improving your health and your physique...

Myth 1: You should avoid carbs

This well-known fitness myth has been chiseled into nearly all of our thoughts about nutrition for fat loss. You may have been told in the past to avoid carbs in order to lose weight and keep it off.

Yes, carbs do contribute to fat gain, but only if you overeat them while performing little to no exercise activity. You need carbohydrates to give your body the proper amount of energy to efficiently perform at a high level.

Carbs are your primary source of energy and not to mention, a key factor in muscle growth–which is paramount for a lean, defined body.

On the flipside, you may have to adjust your carb intake slightly to reflect an overall calorie deficit. However, that is not to say you shun carbs altogether.

If you are going to cut back on carbs to lose weight, your focus should be on cutting out the highly processed carbohydrates and instead be incorporating healthy carbs like veggies, fruit, oatmeal, brown rice and quinoa in the proper quantities. This will allow you to continue burning fat without draining you of your energy. 

Myth 2: Crunches create shredded abs

If you study some of the leanest, most sculpted athletes, you'll come to find they didn't achieve their shredded physiques by doing endless crunches.

Take bodybuilders, for example, they don’t improve their abdominals by doing 1,000 crunches a day. They follow a strict diet and perform compound exercises that stimulate the entire core – including other areas of the body as well. These full body movements, like lunges, pull-ups, and front squats, will go a long way in creating visible abs.

By combining the right workouts with a healthy diet plan, you will help build lean muscle while reducing your total body fat percentage–the golden ticket for abs that show. 

Myth 3: Cardio is the go-to fat loss solution

Cardio is a fantastic way to stimulate additional fat loss, however, it’s not the best way of going about it. Similar to your new approach to abdominal workouts, you should gear your fitness routines around more compound exercises that focus on building and maintaining lean muscle.

If you want to add a cardio component to a workout, focus on ramping up the intensity of your strength session by keeping rest times low in-between sets. This will help raise your metabolic rate and burn fat post-workout. 

Myth 4: You need to hit the gym for a long workout, 7 days a week

You don't need to hit the gym every single day for two hours. This average person only needs to workout 20 minutes per day, at a minimum, to feel good and see results.

It's important to stay consistent and if that means being quick and efficient with your workouts so be it. Create a schedule that works for you.

If you're short on time, consider raising the intensity of a quick workout (see above). And remember, just because you can't hit the gym every single day it doesn’t mean you have to be stationary. Go for a light jog or play a pickup game with friends. Anything is better than nothing!

Unfortunately, fitness myths are many times disguised as good advice. However, it's your duty to do your own research on how to create a foolproof fitness routine that helps your personal goals of looking and feeling better. 

More About Bobby

Bobby is a Team Cellucor Athlete and pro Stuntman who has worked on 35 full-feature movies including Thor, The Dark Knight Rises, Skyfall, Captain America and many more! As a Stuntman, Bobby upholds an extreme level of fitness with skills including kickboxing, swimming, 10m high diving, gymnastics, trampolining, and scuba diving to name a few.

Bobby has won 5 SAG Awards, 2 Emmy Awards2 Taurus World Stunt Award nominations and a 2009 Guinness World Record for the most targets hit with a back somersault throw in one hour.

Follow Bobby: @bobbydazzler84

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