8 Habits That Help You Get and Stay Lean

By Bobby Holland Hanton

Sure, you eat healthy and workout but if the scale isn't moving, you could be missing a few essential components of losing weight. Although they may seem basic, it's because these essentials are so simple that they are easy to overlook. 

1. Get Adequate Sleep

Yes, you read that right! Sleeping is attributed to many factors that affect the body, especially minimizing weight gain. Make an effort to get between seven to nine hours of sleep a night. This will help promote a healthier overall lifestyle. Not getting enough sleep may lead to other weight causing habits such as feeling too sleepy to work out and requiring more sugar (glucose) to “feel” awake. Developing a more regular sleeping schedule can assist in the prevention of bad weight gain habits.

2. Drink More Water

40% of Americans don’t receive the recommended daily amount of water – and many will find various medical repercussions, which include weight gain. Proper water consumption can aid in boosting your metabolism by 30% and help you burn extra calories. Additional studies show that drinking a cup of water about a half an hour before a meal helps limit your total caloric intake. Staying hydrated is essential to achieving a healthier lifestyle and losing weight altogether. Not a fan of plain old water? Add some sugar-free flavor and extra hydration to the mix with a BCAA like Xtend BCAAs.

3. Drink Green Tea

In addition to a high antioxidant count, green tea is equipped with various health benefits including the stimulation of weight loss. A bioactive compound known as Epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) works to block the enzyme norepinephrine, a fat burning hormone, which subsequently increases its production. Consuming 1-2 cups of green tea a day can assist greatly in achieving maximum results. That's why some of your favorite supplements have included green tea extract–for an additional boost to your weight loss efforts.

4. Cut Out Excess Sugar

Sugary food and drinks are responsible for increased risks of varying health issues. If you are serious about losing weight, cutting out unnecessary sugar is crucial. Too much sugar can lead to an increased resistance to the hormone Leptin, which is responsible for monitoring fat stores. This essentially causes Leptin to tell your body you need more fat when you really don’t. Try incorporating more natural sugars from fruits into your diet and cutting out “added sugars” to help assist in the transition from a high intake of processed sugar. If you're really craving something sweet, there are great dessert alternatives such as dessert-inspired protein powders. 

5. Limit Refined Carbs

Carbohydrates are essential to our daily life. Carbs are found in a large amount of foods, as they’re directly responsible for providing our bodies with energy. You may ask, “If they’re essential then why should I eat less?” Well, overconsuming carbs can easily go unnoticed. This overconsumption is responsible for putting you over your daily calorie intake, resulting in unnecessary and undesirable weight gain. Being cautious of serving sizes and monitoring carb intake are just two ways you can prevent this. Also, make sure you are timing your carbs around your workout so you have enough energy to tackle your goals!

6. Limit Alcohol

Drinking alcohol depresses your central nervous system, resulting in a slower metabolism. Although varying in amount, alcohol is generally high in calories, which contributes to weight gain. While some foods just pair naturally with alcohol, choosing to wash down those good eats with water can significantly increase your chances of losing weight. A little alcohol is ok, but keep it to a minimum. 

7. Embrace Fat Burning Super Foods

Depending on your current intake, cutting out unhealthy foods may leave a void in your diet. It is important to supplement changes in diet with healthier options instead. Exploring fat burning foods like almonds, peanut butter, beans and spinach are great ways to revamp your diet with additional, much-needed benefits.

8. Learn Portion Control

One way to limit weight fluctuation is through monitoring portion intake. It shouldn’t come as a shock that eating less leads to weight loss. While we do not encourage starving yourself, simple tricks such as choosing a smaller plate or having a bite or two of a high calorie food instead of having the entire thing, are just two ways to cut calories without affecting satisfaction.

Lose Weight Like a Pro

If you or someone you know is struggling with weight loss, it’s reassuring to know that nobody is alone. With more than 40% of American adults suffering from being overweight, controlling weight is not an easy subject. While exercise is important in keeping you healthy and fit, additional lifestyle changes are required to see the best possible results. If you need additional assistance with choosing how to manipulate your lifestyle for the better or need an energy assistant in your workouts, consider products from Cellucor to help sculpt a new you!

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