Igniting Focus - Nick Kosir

Igniting Focus - Nick Kosir

It's not just about how many hours you put it, but how you use those hours. It takes focus to maximize every hour of the day. C4 ignites your focus and clarity.


“I stay motivated by being grateful for what I do have...” - Nick

Internet sensation, media darling, & your favorite dude diddy boppin in a suit. Known as the “dancing weatherman” for his viral videos, Nick Kosir knows how to capture audiences. In the summer of 2009, Nick went viral and was originally known as the "rapping weatherman". Between August 2019 and this fall, Nick Kosir has more than doubled his Instagram following going from a little under 1 million followers to over 2 million followers. He’s the weatherman with the most drip in the game.

“You’re in charge of turning up the heat.” - Nick