The Future of Fitness: What the Industry Pros Say

By Team Cellucor

Craig Capurso

"The future of fitness is going to optimize our lives via the 'Internet of things.' Technology will talk to technology and as you interact and use these connected devices, you will see the collection of user data become a trigger. 

Data is going to be used to make decisions and provide recommendations for training, eating, and supplementing. Smart devices are going to give biometric feedback and play a part in directing nutrition, effort, rest and total recovery.

Humans are bigger, faster and stronger than they have ever been before. We have been collecting information and dissecting it over the last century to help make better recommendations to the public. Now, add the technology layer with data being collected and you will begin to see optimization happen in real time.

The future is going to move fast and those who adopt will be running at the same speed, but if you don’t, you will be left behind. GET ON BOARD!"

Eric Stevens

"In 50 years, fitness will be more about a holistic approach to wellness than a short-term approach to fitness. As technology continues to permeate every facet of our increasingly connected world, the most sought-after modalities of fitness will be those that foster mindfulness, result in peace of mind and promote better health. 

Many studies already substantiate the increasing epidemic of mental health issues associated with our interconnected worlds such as narcissism, depression, and isolation.

The pervasiveness of such mental states also correlates to increasing physical health problems. Furthermore, technology, whether through the aid of wearables, trendy apps or conveniently packaged food doesn't address the root cause(s) of being sedentary, overweight or sick. 

What consumers ultimately desire is a comprehensive solution and wellness community. As people learn that temporary diets, gimmicks, and fad fitness programs don't work in the long-run, fitness will be sought after more as a journey within, as opposed to simply manifesting an outward appearance. Instead, fitness will become a way to unplug.

Like the farm-to-table movement in food, ultimately fitness patrons will come to realize that lasting results requires the proper mix of craft, quality, and authenticity. This means local wellness centers will need to bring together the pillars of health in a supportive and efficient manner.

In 50 years, fitness will be seen less as a part of weight loss and beauty, but as a proactive part of health care. In short, fitness will morph from a way to look into a way to feel."

Ron "Boss” Everline

"In 50 years, I dream the fitness experience will be different from today. I hope that people will be in love with the idea of movement and the definition of fitness will be changed.

Emerging technology is making fitness more accessible–helping people move in ways like never before. Because of this emerging technology, I believe fitness will be simplified. Technology makes us inspired and shows us that movement can happen anywhere and it doesn't have to be painful!"

Shane Smith, Stack3D

"With the world making massive leaps and bounds in science and technology, I imagine the future of the fitness industry will also be all about that. Hopefully, that leads to better and more effective supplements and workout equipment, beyond what we have at the moment. Things like virtual gyms, concentrated pill proteins, super focus enhancing formulas, etc.

It'd all be great to see and definitely achievable in 50 years."

Jen Jewell

"The future of fitness is here, whether we are ready for it or not. With apps that we can program to alert us to meal times, macronutrient requirements, what we need to train at the gym today & helping customize our workouts or simplify training sessions...There’s no doubt that the health & fitness world has evolved immensely since I first picked up a set of dumbbells over a decade ago. 

One of things I imagine in 50 years from now is machines will act as personal trainers, interacting with the client in a conversational way, counting down the number of reps a person needs to complete, or assessing that person’s fitness level by a mere scan of their fingerprint and then deciding how much that person should be lifting based on their specific biometric screening/measurements.

I’m sure there will be some sort of automated meal plan where people can go to the grocery store, input exactly what foods (and serving sizes) they’re supposed to get to achieve their set goal and a machine of some sort will produce this for them in lieu of them walking around the store with a cart, looking for these items on their own.

While I do think that the majority of technological innovations are going to help people welcome health & fitness into their lives because of the convenience factor, I really hope we don't stop questioning 'why'.

I like to know more about the foods I’m eating (why I’m eating them, health reasons behind it, etc.), enjoy learning as much as I can about fitness and a variety of workouts, it would be difficult for me to accept all of the automated information spewed out by technology without wanting more info or asking questions.

While I understand that not everyone wants to know all the details–some just want to be told what works–I still think knowledge of a few basics is key to understanding how we can truly maximize our health and fitness. 

Lastly, even with all the technological innovations that are here now and will undoubtedly be created in the coming years to enhance our health & fitness, at the end of the day, I guess I'm old school and truly believe nothing can take the place of good old-fashioned hard work and consistent effort."

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